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At CleanTech Innovations we aim to protect our climate trough aiding the development of innovative technologies which will significantly improve energy consumption and efficiencies and sustainable usage of resources. Our focus lies on bridging fundamental research and commerce by bringing our knowledge of R&D and commercialisation to the table to overcome the "valley of death". Where many promising start-up companies face problems in the transition from product development to product marketing and commercialisation, we ensure consumer demand and involvement right from the start of product development. This identifies the CleanTech Innovations Way.

ProKris Technologies

ProKris Technologies focusses on the development of a small-scale mobile sugar refinery unit to stimulate sugar beet cultivation and processing of remote area's. The patented technique is based on research performed by Wageningen Food and Biobased Research, and combines traditional crystallisation techniques to allow for efficient and optimised energie consumption.  For more information, please visit



Laura is an innovative new type of photobioreactor for the cultivation of various algae strains. The design of Laura focusses on realising a highly efficient cultivation process; reducing the energy usage to an absolute minimum while maintaining a competitive algae yield. With the CO2 absorbing qualities of algae, Laura may potentially have a large influence on reducing our CO2 footprint via the production of high quality chemicals and 'short-circuit' biofuels.

Thor Biocrude

Within Thor Biocrude a system is developed for regenerating biofuels from waste streams. Via the use of a pyrolysis technique, various types of biomass waste streams can be degraded to oil, which may be implemented in existing machinery without the need for extensive pre-treatment.

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The Team


With over twenty years of experience in the field of petrochemicals and biofuels and a background in chemical engineering, Bart is the driving force behind commercialisation and evolution of primitive concepts within CleanTech Innovations.

Bart Rosendaal


With her hands-on mentality and pragmatic approach in combination with a background in Theoretical Chemistry, Eva focusses on realising and testing the pilot plants for LAURA en ProKris. In the role of technology manager, she ensures that high quality demands

and standards are met.

Eva van Mastbergen


As the co-founder of CleanTech Innovations, Pieter's insights and enthusiasm for high-tech sustainability solutions is both vital and contagious. From the beginning of 2018 he will be fully committed to his own company, Sensorfact, but will remain in close contact for counsel if necessary.

Pieter Broekema

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